Open numbered prints

In answer to those of you who want smaller prints for smaller spaces, or for gift-giving or travelling… or mailing… I am now producing three folios of open-numbered wildlife prints.

Each folio consists of four different lithographic prints on high quality recycled paper, contained in a stylish and durable display folder protected by a (biodegradable cellulose) cellophane sleeve.

I’ve chosen to group the designs into the internationally popular ‘iconic’ animals, the more unusual ‘kooky’ animals and lastly our lesser known and more domestically popular ‘possums, gliders and dunnarts’.

The designs included in each folio are:

  1. Iconic Australian Wildlife
    Common Wombat; Koala; Blue-winged Kookaburra; Mountain Brushtail Possum and Baby
  2. Kooky Australian Wildlife
    Platypus; Eastern Grey Kangaroo; Australian Magpie; Short-beaked Echidna
  3. Possums, Gliders and Dunnarts
    Long-tailed Dunnart; Western Pygmy-possum; Feathertail Glider; Mountain Pygmy-possum