Limited edition prints

Originally, I was commissioned by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to design and illustrate a poster that would help lodge managers in the NSW ski resorts to identify the differences between native animals and introduced species caught in their government-issue boxtraps.

Several new print runs of the disappearing posters had to be arranged before I realised how valued and appreciated by the skiing public these monochromatic wildlife illustrations were… and the rest is happily history.

Wildlife in Pencil is now a series of monochromatic Australian wildlife portraits drawn in graphite pencil on watercolour paper. As the illustrations are highly detailed and anatomically accurate (I’m a bit OCD that way) I use one or more high quality photographs as reference material for each image. Those photographs are either taken by me, or sourced from other photographers, often devoted amateur photographers who have greater exposure/experience in the wild or with those particular creatures that I’ve chosen to illustrate.

Much time and coffee goes into researching the right photos, and each illustration takes between 20 and 60 hours to complete. It is indeed however, a labour of love, a meditation if you will, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Actually, I take that back, if I could have the animals pose for me for a few hours, that’d be perfect… )

As well as producing an honest and unadorned portrait of each creature – much of the reason I draw them in one colour - perhaps more importantly, I hope to capture the essence or soul of each animal and it s relationship to us, their current self-appointed custodians.

The drawings have been reproduced using lithographic printing methods on watercolour paper as limited edition, signed and hand-numbered prints. Each print comes together with a Certificate of Authenticity, which essentially lets you know it’s the real thing and that if desired, your print also has ridgy-didge investment potential.