Gift Wraps

I have a theory about gift-wrapping… I believe there’s a gift-wrapping gene; if you don’t have it, your best offering when it comes to wrapping a gift is the fish-n-chip style roll-em-up job with roughly a metre of sticky tape applied across every surface of the gift; if you DO have it, you’re likely to be the one in seventh heaven every Christmas as the designated chief wrapper of everyone’s presents - including your own. Whether you test positive or negative for the gift-wrapping gene, I’ve got a wrapping paper for you (just go easy on the sticky tape, all you negs…) 

Wildlife in Pencil gift wrap features my favourite animal illustrations tumbling around with some yummy gum-leaves! The design is printed in two colours – a sepia brown and gum-leaf green, using vegie-based inks on a simple white background of good quality recycled paper. Gift wrap comes in individual sheets 700 x 490mm

Happy wrapping!

Giftwrap d) lge image design.jpg